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Stefon Diggs Shines on National Stage -- Vikings Beat Green Bay Packers

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Even if you aren't a football fan, it was no secret the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers squared off in a heated divisional matchup last night in Minneapolis. Not only was this an important game for both teams (and their respective fan bases), but this was the big U.S. Bank Stadium unveiling to the football world. Oh, and on top of that, the Vikings started a quarterback, Sam Bradford, who was on a different team two weeks ago. Even with all that considered, the biggest moments last night were Stefon Diggs emerging as a star in the NFL. Diggs helped the hometown Minnesota Vikings edge the Green Bay...

Vikings Week 4 - Review, Preview and Talking Points

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The warm weekend served Minnesota football well. The Vikings have more to give this season than a good spot in next year's draft it seems; but few could dismiss the fact that all is still not well in Purple Nation. First, here are the most savory statistics from the Vikings 41-28 deconstruction of the Atlanta Falcons:
  • With 317 passing yards and 241 rushing yards, the Vikings are the only team in the NFL to have over 300 passing yards and 200 rushing yards in a game this season.
  • Matt Asiata is the only player in the 2014 season to carry three rushing...

Minnesota Struggles in Latest 'Nerd' Rankings

Nerd 1 The word 'nerd' has taken on a significantly less pejorative connotation over the last decade or so. Henceforth, nerds themselves — while once maligned and stigmatized socially — have enjoyed something of a Nerd Renaissance in recent years. (That was a nerdy way of saying nerds are kinda cool in 2014.) If you are an American nerd (like me), and you're looking for an ideal place to call home, the nerdy "researchers" at Estately have come up with a "study" to definitively determine which state is the nerdiest. According to their results, and depending on your preconceived...