Harrison Smith

The Minnesota Vikings Can Still Make the Playoffs -- Here's How

Vikings Training Camp 2016 - 005

The Minnesota Vikings have a small chance of making the playoffs in 2016. The 7-7 Vikings, after starting off the season with so much promise, are barely hanging by their finger nails as far as their playoff hopes are concerned. In order for the Vikings to make it to the playoffs, the following things would have to happen. It all starts in Green Bay this Saturday against the Packers, who are currently 8-6. The Vikings would have to beat the Packers and also would have to beat the Chicago Bears the following Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium. That’s not the only thing the Vikings would have to have...

A Much Deserved Loss -- Vikings Drop Third Straight

Vikings Training Camp 2016 - 008

The Vikings snatched defeat from the jaws of victory yesterday -- this home loss to the Lions was by far the worst of the three on the season. Aside from the chorus of mistakes and miscues, the Vikings hurt themselves in more ways than one yesterday. This is a third straight loss, a second straight divisional loss and second straight loss to a very beatable opponent. But unlike the other two losses, one where the Vikings were outplayed much of the contest and the other where they were outplayed the entire contest, this loss came from the aforementioned chorus of miscues. After 9 weeks, clearly this Vikings...