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Why Today's Brexit Vote in the UK Matters

Vote Leave Protestors - by Garry Knight

Many Americans will hear the word "Brexit" for the first time today. No, it's not the name of some newly concocted stock index or a must-try low-calorie cereal; it's in fact the term used to describe United Kingdom leaving (or potentially leaving) the European Union. Today, June 23rd, the UK is having a referendum on choosing whether to 'Leave' or 'Remain' within the 28 member state body. The outcome is quite uncertain, but resulting tremors will be felt throughout the globe.  
Why Should Americans Care?

Why is Mayor Hodges Visiting the Coldest Major City in China... Now?

Harbin Ice City (Emma Gawen)

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and City Council Member John Quincy (Ward 11) are joining leaders from 'Meet Minneapolis' for a winter adventure in the heart of Manchuria. Though they're not going halfway around the world for a vacation. They're participating in a timely forum for cold cities to exchange ideas in Harbin (China's eighth largest city). Harbin, which has a very similar climate to the Twin Cities, has been a Sister City to Minneapolis since 1992. Resembling the City of Lakes is its embrace of its frigid winter as an identity source, Harbin has certainly taken...

Traveling the Diverse Landscapes of Taipei

[caption id="attachment_259872" align="aligncenter" width="399"]This Minnesotan Atop the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Selfie while atop the stairs of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial[/caption] The vibrancy and excitement found in Taipei surpasses New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. It's a city where street performances are done just for the sake of performing, where most of the locals are eager to try their English and where the collage of cultures supersedes even the USA (in many ways). The streets aren't clean, the food probably isn't all that safe, traffic is pure chaos and the nightlife is addictive; but...