The Films of Christopher Nolan Ranked


He’s probed the far reaches of space. He’s delved into the world of dreams. He’s resurrected superheroes from death at the hands of comedians and rubber nipples. He’s overcome debilitating memory and sleep disorders. He’s killed more wives than Henry VIII. He’s inspired a fanbase so rabid they single-handedly got the review comments feature disabled on Rotten Tomatoes. He’s by far the most well-known filmmaker in the world, and earlier this month he ...

Movie Review -- 'Interstellar' is Another Big Hit From Christopher Nolan

interstellar_movie review

You can count me as one of the bigger fans of Christopher Nolan -- the titles in his filmography rank amongst some of my favorites (Batman Begins, The Prestige, Inception). With Interstellar hitting theaters last weekend, you can bet I was enthused to see a press screening last week on the huge IMAX screen (Lie-MAX) at Southdale (though it was not presented on the TRUE 70 mm film stock...