John Oliver

John Oliver Hammers Another Societal Injustice

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Comedian John Oliver and his show Last Weekend Tonight has taken up the cause to highlight injustices in the world today -- last week he bashed the "non-profit" NCAA and collegiate sports, this week he is challenging the American municipality system. (In the past I wrote a piece about Oliver's attack on the FIFA corruption.) Oliver not only does a great job mixing comedy with real issues, much akin...

FCC Extends Time for Internet Users to Comment on 'Net Neutrality' Until Friday

Net neutrality

Net neutrality is one of the biggest issues facing America today -- the loss of net neutrality could lead to the widespread destruction of the Internet as we know it. But many Internet users are not going down without a fight. Thanks to an overwhelming amount of traffic on its website, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has extended the first deadline for comments on the newly-proposed Internet traffic rules to Friday, July 18, at midnight. The traffic in question includes almost 680,000 comments left by everyone from lawmakers to ordinary citizens, ...

Beloved British Comedian John Oliver Set to Visit State Theatre

John Oliver - Historic State Theater - 2013

John Oliver is one of those hilarious people who has both funny material and perfect delivery. The British comedian is most well-known for his contributions to The Daily Show on Comedy Central -- this summer Oliver took over Jon Stewart's desk for eight weeks while the regular host was filming a movie. Oliver's work filling in for Stewart was highly regarded by many (including myself) and it's only a matter of time before Oliver becomes much more of a household name. This Saturday, Oliver is set to visit the Historic State Theatre. Don't miss your...