Jon Favreau

Movie Review -- 'The Jungle Book' is a New Disney Classic

the jungle book review

In a cinematic era filled with remakes, reboots, sequels, and endless nostalgia, Disney has fully embraced the trend. Already creating live-action adaptations of its beloved Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty twist in Maleficent, they continue on with the live-action adaptation of their 1967 classic cartoon The Jungle Book. Of course, much like fire, anytime you tamper with nostalgic properties there’s a good chance you’ll get burned, or worse, burn down the jungle. And it’s one thing to make it through unscathed, but quite another to create a bonfire that...

Movie Review -- 'Chef' -- An Ode to Simple Food

chef - 2014 movie review

There is something to be said for feel-good movies about food. Their attack on the senses is twofold: first, they whet the gastronomical appetite with the golden sizzling of garlic in a pan, the satisfying sound of a fresh radish being sliced, the seductive drizzle of sweet or savory sauces over a meal that looks like art on the clean canvas of white porcelain. Then, they satisfy hunger pangs of the heart. For this movie, it’s ball jokes, lessons about how to be a dad to a kid with an iPhone, and exceedingly unlikely happy endings. Jon Favreau writes, directs, and stars in Chef, the story of Carl...