Kevin Correia

Why Can’t Twins Fans Have Nice Things?

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Being a Minnesota sports fan takes some intestinal fortitude. You rarely will be rewarded and usually feel the urge to blame others for defeat, and sometimes you’re just left wondering why us? Thursday evening I sat down to watch the Twins conclude a series against the Brewers understanding a win would bring the Twins record to 29-29. This would certainly be acceptable and a step in the right direction after three years of listless baseball.

Kevin Correia toed the rubber after having a near death experience...

Kevin Correia on the Precipice of Disaster

Kevin Correria - Twins - 2014

Kevin Correia is in trouble and it’s early -- he’s no more than 10 minutes into his Saturday start at Yankee Stadium -- as he looks around, the bases he sees are all occupied. Brett Gardner singled to lead off the game, Derek Jeter politely doubled, and then Correia compounded his problems by walking Jacoby Ellsbury. Now Mark Teixeira represents not just the deliverer of potential runs, but quite possibly the death knell for Kevin Correia remaining in the starting rotation this season -- even perhaps the rest of his career.

It’s no secret that Kevin Correia has ...