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Twins Active at Trading Deadline

Jon Lester traded

The Minnesota Twins were active at the trading deadline this year, but not in the ways most felt they would be -- thoughts of Correia, Willingham, Suzuki, and Plouffe being traded were mentioned. Rather none of those players were traded and instead Sam Fuld was jettisoned to the Oakland A’s for 27-year-old starting pitcher Tommy Milone.  It was a trade that happened in the aftermath of Oakland’s Billy Beane trading his cleanup hitter Yoenis Cespedes to the Red Sox for Jon Lester and perianal playoff contestant Jonny Gomes.

Billy Beane may have...

Second Half of the Season Begins For the Minnesota Twins

target field - by Matthew Deery

The second half of the season begins for the Minnesota Twins with as many questions as there were on Opening Day. What the Twins want in the present and in the future seems murky -- of course they want more victories, but winning at the same time as they build toward a future of even more winning is not feasible unless you’re the Yankees or some other high rolling ball club. The Houston Astros have shirts they wear before games that simply say “Process.” What is the Twins’ current process toward future success?

It seems to be an...

Kurt Suzuki’s Career is Defined by Hard Work

Kurt suzuki - oakland

An unnamed American League umpire remarked a few months ago the Minnesota Twins signing of Kurt Suzuki was their best free agent signing in several years. This umpire also indicated Suzuki is the best defensive catcher in the American League. After 46 games, neither can be questioned -- Kurt Suzuki has performed beyond what the front office or anybody expected. What fans are seeing is what many scouts felt Kurt Suzuki would become when the Oakland Athletics drafted him in the second round of the 2004 amateur draft.

Growing up in Wailuku, Hawaii, did not...

Catchers of the Present and the Future: Kurt Suzuki and Josmil Pinto

When Joe Mauer was declared the starting first baseman this offseason, the next step seemed to be inserting Josmil Pinto into the starting catcher role. That notion took a serious hit when the Twins signed veteran free agent catcher Kurt Suzuki lauding his experience behind the plate. Now Josmil Pinto and the phrase "He's a work in progress" are mentioned together by the Twins. This is disappointing since in 2013 the Twins averaged 3.8 runs a game, second worst in the American League (White Sox were at 3.7), and Pinto's potent bat would be a welcome addition in 2014. Kurt Suzuki is an above average catcher, but a middling hitter. His average OPS+ over the past three years was 76 (100 is league average), making him 24% below the average hitter during those seasons. Surprisingly, Suzuki does have value at the plate. He rarely strikes out, in fact Suzuki's K% over his career is 11.9%. Compare that to Joe Mauer's 11.1%...

Twins Free Agent Moves Continue -- Suzuki on Board

Kurt Suzuki - Twins - Acquire - Oakland - Washington The Minnesota Twins have been quite active in the free agent market to improve their 2014 roster -- while none of the additions have been splashy, say, a ludicrous $240 million for Robinson Cano, the Twins have made some quality additions to the team. Aside from some much needed pitching help in Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes (some would argue neither will offer much help), the Twins most recent acquisition is former Washington Nationals...