Lake Minnetonka

Ice Likely to Come Off Late This Year -- Still Use Caution

Ice Melt Fishing Minnesota

Ice fishing fanatics may have actually enjoyed this winter's bitter coldness; the ice is darn thick on quite a few lakes still. But even though Minnesota's been having quite a few thaw-less days doesn't mean that the ice is still in pristine condition. We're quickly approaching the median "ice-out" dates for most Minnesota lakes (a few dates are popular knowledge: April 15th for Lake Minnetonka, the 25th for Mille Lacs and the 30th for Vermilion). Ice-out on a lake means that you would need divine powers to walk out to your favorite fishing spot; keep that fact and...

Event Details 'History of Alcohol' in Minnesota Town


Few things go better than a pint of beer or a double-vodka soda and a discussion of prohibition. Jake O'Connor's offers a variety of ales and cocktails in addition to a diverse menu ranging from corn-beef sandwiches to lamb-meatball linguine. Report via: Star Tribune
The Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society's next Tapping History event will take place Monday, March 10. Historian Scott McGinnis will present "Wet vs. Dry: The...