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Robert and Erik Enjoying Beer – Burning Brothers Brewing

A Half Pint at Burning Brothers Brewing

One recent start-up that has been gaining interest (and distribution) is Burning Brothers Brewing. Their specialty is gluten-free beer; not just gluten-free in the legal sense, but an actual zero parts per million sense. They do this by brewing in a completely gluten-free facility and by using sorghum, an ancient and drought hardy crop that has changed little through the modern era. We decided to pay them a visit. We had to stop in and give it...

Robert and Erik Enjoying Beer - 'Bauhaus Brew Labs'

Bag Toss  Board @ Bauhaus Brew Labs

Beer has always been important to us (Robert and Erik). Be it home-brewing, savoring a Bavarian masterpiece or just frothing our respective mustaches on pitchers of Hamms at a local dive bar, we think about, discuss and enjoy our ales and lagers all the time. So it's with great pleasure that we introduce the first of (hopefully) many articles (and podcasts!) on Minnesotan breweries. Not enough is being said about Minnesota beer! It's time to start navigating the yeasty, hoppy renaissance that is sweeping our state. This week we take on ...

Halloween in Minnesota: The Top 5 Ways to Celebrate

31DOH_19_Pumpkin_Grin_by_ScarecrowArtist October has arrived and with it all the spooky excitement that is Halloween. For many people, myself included, the entire month of October is considered fair game for Halloween celebrations. Pumpkin carving, pumpkin spiced lattes, sweater weather, and scary movies on TV are some of my personal favorite things about this month. In addition to those here are some great ways to get your spooks, thrills, and fun right here in Minnesota!

Centennial Lakes Offers a Rich and Unique Mini Golf Experience

centennial lakes mini golf course For all those mini golf lovers out there, have I got a new spot to check out for you -- located in Edina just off France Avenue, Centennial Lakes offers a mini golf course unlike most in the Twin Cities. Have you ever mini golfed on real grass? I know I hadn't before visiting, and this place puts the green carpeted, gimmicky mini golf courses to shame. So this sounds nice right, kind of like it would be an expensive venture? Well, you're wrong, because 18 holes of mini golf is only $9 and 9 holes is only $5. That's on par (pun intended) with any decent mini golf course in the...

A New Restaurant Gem on the East Side -- 'Cook St. Paul'

PL-cook-st-paul Living on the Eastside of St. Paul, my attention has been brought to Payne Avenue and the rising of restaurants and little shops along the route. Following an East Sider residents's Facebook group, the new restaurant Cook St. Paul has been getting quite the hype on lots of posts. Cook St. Paul is owned by two cooks, Eddie Wu and Charles Cook. Their restaurant sits where Serlin's Cafe grew to popularity for multiple decades until the owners closed down for their retirement. I decided to check it out this new place, and interview owner Eddie Wu. The restaurant...

'One Yoga' -- A Calm Place

One Yoga Calm Place The writing on the front door of One Yoga says, "You are entering a calm place." Sitting in a comfy chair with bare feet and the breeze blowing through the front door, I felt the truth of those words. The studio is a welcoming environment, with an inviting lounge area where teachers, students, workers and guests feel comfortable hanging out.
"It's just the natural feel people get from us,"  teacher Pablo Charis explained. "The door's open, come on in, have some tea."
One Yoga is a place of community, and community outreach.
Back in 2005, after the original...

Chimgee Haltarhuu: Circus Performer, Domestic Abuse Activist, and Downright Amazing Woman

Chimgee Haltarhuu

Meet Chimgee Haltarhuu, a Mongolian-American woman driven to end outdated views in Mongolia on domestic abuse. Haltarhuu shared with me her life story: from growing up in Mongolia, joining the circus, moving to the U.S., and starting a mission to help battered women. Chimgee Haltarhuu is one of the most motivated and inspiring persons I have ever met -- I encourage you to read her story on how she broke from the cyclical pattern of abuse and now helps others to escape it.
Haltarhuu's story starts off in Mongolia when she was a child. As a young girl, she was always active, so...

Paper Hat - Connecting Artist and Customer


Paper Hat is a shop I could spend all day in. It has the double whammy: adorable merchandise and friendly, helpful staff(aka, the owner Greta Norlander). I found myself circling the place twice, admiring the adorable and colorful prints, jewelry, purses and other accessories. It's more than just the merchandise that makes this store so great, it is the community Greta has created with both the artists and the customers.

It all starts with the artists.

Greta herself has a background in arts, and applies this interest to her store's merchandise and set up. Walking into the store, you can see her...

Local Amateur Comedians Perform Free on Mondays at 'Acme Comedy Company'

Acmeco Last week I had the pleasure of attending a show at the Acme Comedy Company. It's located in downtown Minneapolis on First Street, but just far enough on the outskirts to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown. But if you're looking for a quiet time then look somewhere else. The show will be filled with a constant flow of laughter from the audience matched with high spirited energy. Monday night shows are always free. Although the doors open at 7:30 pm, I was sure to get there a little over 30 minutes early to be sure to save a spot in line. The club quickly filled up before the show and I wouldn't be surprised if some people were turned away from lack of space. While waiting to get into the club I was able to grab a bite and drink from Sticks, the restaurant hosting the comedy. Their...