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Did Minneapolis Organized Crime Steal My Bike? (And How You Can Protect Yours)

It wasn’t my first rodeo. I grew up in the City and earned my street smarts at now- shuttered Minneapolis Central High School. While Prince was also being burnished by the inner city, I was playing hoops with him every day at Bryant Junior High. So there was no way I was going to park and lock up my bike at tree-shrouded McRae Park and catch the bus to the State Fair. Instead, I locked my “Pee Wee Herman” Schwinn cruiser in the driveway of a bank, in the line of their security cameras on 47th and Chicago.


$1 Billion US Bank Stadium Still Facing Building Issues

Construction on the $1 billion, "people's stadium," has been complete for almost a year now. The Vikings have already spent one season breaking fans' hearts after starting 5-0 and plummeting to an 8-8 record. But despite the price tag, issues with the palace still persist. The stadium, coined by many as the crown jewel of NFL stadiums, is still facing some of the same issues from when it opened -- issues with exterior panels. The water leaking into the stadium was actually so significant that puddles...

101 Year-Old Still Out Shoveling Snow

101 year old shoveling snow - Mann

Recently, a 101-year-old man was filmed shoveling the neighbor’s walkway after a recent snowfall. Richard Mann, of St. Paul, was filmed by 55-year-old Keven O’Bannon shoveling another neighbor’s driveway while the neighbor was out of town. In the video, which has gone viral, Mann stated that he needed the exercise and that he wasn’t going to exert himself. Mann’s work ethic stems from the fact that his father died when he was four. To help his single mom, he would do chores around the house. One of those chores included shoveling snow.

Missing 23-Year-Old's Body Found in Otsego

Joe Brunn A Minnesota family has a semblance of closure after the body of their family member was found in the Mississippi river Thursday morning. Joe Brunn, 23, of Monticello had been missing since Saturday at 2 a.m. after leaving Boondox Bar and Grille in Otsego. Brunn headed toward the Holiday Inn where he had a room reserved, he was seen last by one of his friends walking away from the hotel. The body was found around 300 yards south of the Minnesota 101 bridge and 30 feet from shore, according to the Wright County Sheriff's Office. The body was picked up by a police boat and transported to the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office...

Best and Worst Cities to Start Your Own Business

starting a business

Starting a business isn’t easy, especially if you’re in an environment that isn’t friendly towards entrepreneurs. If it’s harder for you to start a business in a city, then it will be harder to create jobs to employ workers. Recently, an article was published by the website Wallet hub that ranked the top cities to start a business. Using various factors such as five-year survival rate, the affordability of office space and the attainment of education by the local labor force, the 150 most...