'The Wedge' Reveals Plans for New Location on Eat Street

Eat Street Wedge Counter View Cuningham Group Conceptual Design

I have a love-hate relationship with the Wedge Community Co-op. I love their food, excellent customer service and local-first mentality. I just hate the mini-traffic jam their store produces on Lyndale Avenue in the evening; they're really popular and it shows. That's why I am excited to hear they're expanding and doing so in the same neighborhood (Whittier)! Eat Street (Nicollet...

Balance Found at 'Bull Run Coffee'

Bull Run Coffee on Lyndale

Many claim that the best coffee experience is found in the potent drinks of Caffetto or the eclectic atmospheres of the Spyhouses. Others will name Quixotic for its precision or Peace Coffee for the bounty of hipster warmth found within. These coffee connoisseurs all have their points, but they are wrong. It's an undisputed fact that Bull Run Coffee is the safest recommendation for a coffee shop in the Twin Cities. By what...