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Movie Review -- 'Mary Queen of Scots' Has the Right Pieces, But Never Fully Develops

Sometimes I wonder if the renaissance of high budget narrative TV shows has spoiled us media consumers. The ability to stretch a story out to better flesh out side characters and give story arcs more of an emotional heft when they come to a climax has been wielded well in shows like Game of Thrones. And attracting A-list talent has fully removed the medium gap that kept movies prestigious yet brief and television cheap yet better developed.

This comes to mind after seeing Mary Queen of Scots. There’s a lot to like about it -- the 16th Century...

Movie Review -- Despite Some Flaws, 'Suicide Squad' Delivers

 suicide squad - good review

Using criminals to help fight against a greater evil is not a new concept. The Dirty Dozen and Inglorious Basterds come to mind though I’m sure plenty of others exist. Suicide Squad, then, is in good company. Anti-hero stories can be tricky to tell because you have to balance their dark character while also creating empathy. Make your anti-hero too evil and you’ll lose the audience, but make them too relatable and you might wonder why they were ever a bad guy in the first place. If done correctly, the storyteller can blur the lines between the...

Movie Review -- 'The Legend of Tarzan' is a Solid Action-Adventure Flick


Tarzan has long been a household name, bringing up memories of chest beating, vine swinging, and that famous yell that echoes through the jungle. He's seen his day in old television adaptations and some animated features from Disney, but never in a big budget blockbuster. Similar to The Lone Ranger or John Carter, classic heroes adapted for today's audience (and both big box office failures), the relevancy of Tarzan remains unclear. Some may find his mythology silly and outdated while others may become uncomfortable by the story of a white...