Marijuana Deathsquads

'Marijuana Deathsquads' @ Triple Rock Social Club

'Marijuana Deathsquads' @ Triple Rock Social Club

Before heading off to Europe with Polica this week, the Deathsquads hit up the Triple Rock for a final send off last Thursday.  This being my fourth time seeing MDS perform, it was easily their most polished.
With Plain Ole Bill spinning between sets, the night officially started around 10:15 with Tyte Jeff.  A five piece band performing for only their second time.  Their poppy upbeat set consisted of a brief 6 songs, 1 of which was a cover of the classic, The Clash "Police On My Back".
Once Tyte Jeff wrapped up, the MDS equipment assemblage...

My Top Five Concerts of 2013

Pretty Lights @ Myth Live

2013 was a fantastic year for live music in Minnesota with an endless number of options. I wished I could have attended more shows, but in the end, I value my marriage, day job, and sleep. Though, in 2013 I did attend more shows in a single year that I ever had before, 38 concerts to be exact. That's a concert every 9.5 days. I definitely couldn't have done that without the support of my wife. Thanks Carrie! Just a heads up though, I already have tickets to ten shows in 2014, but I promise I'll be quiet when I get home. Here are my top 5 most enjoyable shows of 2013:
5. ...

'Marijuana Deathsquads' (SLAM DUNK) @ Icehouse

The 2nd night of a 5 night Marijuana Deathsquads residency at Iceshouse was a who's-who of local Minnesota music, and I didn't even know who everyone was.  The Icehouse Twitter said the show would kick off at 10ish.  In reality it was almost 11:30.
Lizzo (ft Cliff Rhymes and Lazerbeak) blazed through a quick and energetic 30 minute set called LIZZOBANGERS.  And bang, it did.
Next up, the main event, Marijuana Deathsquads performing something dubbed SLAM DUNK.  Although their equipment had been setup the whole time, and Lizzo finished before midnight, MDS didn't start until after midnight.  But hey, who needs sleep...