Medical Marijuana

Minnesota Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill

Marginal Majority Favor Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

On Friday, May 16, the Minnesota Senate and House announced their agreement on the new bill to legalize medical marijuana. Governor Dayton has already agreed to sign it. The announcement provoked strong emotions from patients and their families. People affected by seizures are among the bill’s most vocal supporters. Some Minnesota children have between 30-50 seizures...

Medical Marijuana Bill Continues to Pick Up Steam

mark dayton

The medical marijuana bill passed by the state Senate also cleared the House last Friday, albeit with some added restrictions. The House’s bill would only allow for one dispensary of medical marijuana in Minnesota, while the Senate’s bill would have allowed up to 55. Governor Dayton stated on May 9 that he would sign the House’s bill as-is. Neither bill would allow for marijuana to be...

Split on Pot: Marginal Majority Favor Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Marginal Majority Favor Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Marijuana as medicine? Minnesotans say “Yes.” Well, barely. A new Star Tribune poll found that 51% percent of Minnesotans support the legalization of marijuana for medical use. The poll of 800 Minnesota adults was conducted via phone from February 10th through the 12th and, as usual, adherents of differing political ideologies do not appear to see eye to eye on the issue. Here is the breakdown according to how respondents ...