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Five Up, Four Down -- Vikings Lose on the Road Again


The Minnesota Vikings are the third team in the entire history of the NFL to lose four straight games after starting off 5-0 -- the third team, ever. This loss to the Redskins was another painful one similar to the Lions home loss in that the Vikings had plenty of chances to win the game, but shot themselves in the foot enough times to eliminate a possibility of winning. They didn't completely blow it like the Lions matchup, but this was another heart-wrenching loss. Just earlier today it was announced, much to the pleasure of many frustrated Vikings fans, that Blair Walsh had been cut...

Vikings Put Giants to Sleep -- Rise to 4-0

Vikings Training Camp 2016 - 051

The Minnesota Vikings are 4-0. The last time they were 4-0... well, I can't talk about that because it brings up too much pain (cough, 2009). The NFL has surely taken notice of the Mike Zimmer led Vikings, one of the three remaining unbeaten teams. At this moment, they are undoubtedly one of the top three teams in the entire league -- I think the Broncos are best until they prove otherwise...

Star Quarterback’s Leg Shattered and "The Old Man" Shapes History -- Vikings Fans Need to Take a Deep Breath

NFL greatest back up quarterback - Earl Morrall, QB

It was a warm, sunny day that suddenly turned gloomy and morose in the snap of a football. The understudy watched in horror as the medical staff tended to the fallen player’s broken and dislocated leg. Then the staff gingerly loaded the star quarterback on to a stretcher and off to the hospital with sirens blaring. When the players gathered in the huddle, they were still numb from the injury and he broke the ice by asking:
“All right, anyone know any dirty jokes?”
They all laughed at the back-up quarterback,...

Minnesota Vikings Breakdown -- Training Camp and The Quarterback Battle

chad greenway vikings - minnesota vikings breakdown

It's hard to believe that actual NFL football games are mere weeks away. This is the time of the year when fans are full of bright optimism, that this is the year their team takes the next step. Many Vikings fans from my circles have just that optimism, believing that this year the putrid defense of last cannot possibly fare any worse than they did in 2013 (they really cannot). Can the team rebound from a paltry 5-10-1 season under the new regime of Mike Zimmer? I was down at training camp last week on the sidelines to snap some photos and get a chance to...

Disciplinarian Mike Zimmer Hired as Vikings New Head Coach

Mike Zimmer - Hired - Vikings Head Coach - 2014 - 9th Head Coach The Minnesota Vikings have landed their ninth coach in their long history after Leslie Frazier was fired at the end of December -- onto the Vikings head coaching throne now sits former Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, a move that is being praised by almost all. I have not heard one negative thing about Zimmer since he was announced to be moving to Minnesota, from league writers, players, and even Hall of Famers like Deion Sanders. And I have to agree -- Zimmer seems like the perfect fit for this talented roster. Zimmer is a strict type...