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Caroline Yang Photo Exhibition of Tour de France Starts this Weekend

 Caroline Yang Tour de France Photo Exhibition

Minnesota based photographer Caroline Yang is bringing a two-month-long photo exhibition to Grand Central Cafe. Yang, who specializes in documentary photography, covered the Tour de France from 2004 to 2006 (in 2006 her work was featured in the Sports Illustrated - "Best Photos of the Year" edition); her images capturing the Tour's alluring...

Duck, Duck, Gray Duck: Six (Semi) Scientific Arguments Explaining Superiority

Pollard Gray Duck Map

There's a goose roast going on in Minnesota and the whole world is invited. Not a real goose of course, it's totally figurative. For we, as a people, are undertaking the prolonged and laborious effort of explaining what seems like common sense to us, but comprises a mind-blowing revelation for those outside our borders. What revelation you ask? That the game "Duck, Duck, Gray (or Grey) Duck" is decidedly more awesome (and beneficial) than "Duck, Duck, Goose." Though sweeping statements have been issued (like ...