Minnesota Weather

Keeping the Recent Cold in Context


Drifting snow danced upon angry, howling winds as temperatures plummeted quicker than the Minnesota Wild in the NHL standings... Last week reminded us all just how frigid a true Minnesota winter can be. But how bad was it? How does last week's cold snap stack up to the lowest recorded temp in Minnesota history? And how does Minnesota's coldest ever day compare to record low temperatures throughout the rest of the United States? Here are the ...

Recent Study Finds Minnesota Weather Unpredictable


Have you ever booked a round of golf based on a forecast that called for blue, cloudless skies, only to find yourself drenched by an unforeseen rainstorm before you reached the tee box on hole #7? How about those sensationalist “12-inches-in-the-next-24-hours!” winter snow advisories that end up yielding nothing more than an inch or two of powder? If you feel as if your favorite local Minnesota meteorologist’s forecast accuracy is often less than precise, well, that’s probably because it is. Nate Silver and the folks over at FiveThirtyEight.com recently published an ...