Minnesota Winter

Why is Mayor Hodges Visiting the Coldest Major City in China... Now?

Harbin Ice City (Emma Gawen)

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and City Council Member John Quincy (Ward 11) are joining leaders from 'Meet Minneapolis' for a winter adventure in the heart of Manchuria. Though they're not going halfway around the world for a vacation. They're participating in a timely forum for cold cities to exchange ideas in Harbin (China's eighth largest city). Harbin, which has a very similar climate to the Twin Cities, has been a Sister City to Minneapolis since 1992. Resembling the City of Lakes is its embrace of its frigid winter as an identity source, Harbin has certainly...

Winter Storm Incoming!

Uncle Sam Minnesota Winter

This Minnesota winter has been one of the most painful in memory (especially for us Millennials). The cold has crippled the state several times and caused even the great lakes to pretty much freeze over. Snow has made parking nightmarish and now there is up to a foot more on the way. ...Okay I might be exaggerating (most sources say a maximum of eight inches for Minneapolis), but this will likely be the...

A Glimpse of the Twin Cities -- Ten Telling Photos of Minnesota's Winter Story — So Far

Beautiful Snow - Pine Trees - Minnesota

The storm of the year hit Minnesota this past Thursday and Friday adding ten to twelve inches of insult to what has already been been a cold and injurious winter. The question on all of our minds  is, “Is the worst of winter over?” As we do about this time each year, Minnesotans the state over will channel their inner Punxsutawney Phil this week,...