Dash Those Long COVID Winter Fears with Five Great Escapes

Are the predictions of a long, dark COVID winter putting you on edge? Fighting visions of being trapped in a wind–swept Ice Station Zebra? Fret no more. Much has changed since the dog days of Stay at Home MN. Many uplifting and energizing recreation options will be open this time around.

Join me as we chart our top five diversions that will keep a smile on your face and the winter blues in the rear view mirror.  

1.    Skiing Aims to Be the Next Golf Craze.  Many ski slopes across the country were sucker punched by COVID-19 and closed abruptly...

Six Mall of America Developments

mall of america expansion - 2015 - entrance

Despite news of more international competition stepping onto the scene, Minnesota's Mall of America is not slowing down. New stores, restaurants and even a multi-stage expansion are combining to make a perfect buzz-storm for the tourist hot-spot.  
#1 More Stuff for Kids... Literally
The colorful and classical landmark of the ...

'Ladies and Gentleman... The Beatles' at Mall of America

beatles 2 The 1960's belonged to four guys from Liverpool. John, Paul, George and Ringo invaded the United States, winning the hearts of throngs of fans en route to becoming one of the most influential sounds in the history of music. The Beatles are perhaps the greatest band of all time. During their unrivaled career, they won ten Grammys and an Oscar, sold over 600 million records worldwide, and released enough number one albums (19) to make even Justin Timberlake jealous....