Myth Live

'Die Antwoord' @ Myth Live


When the first song a group performs, has the lines "DJ Hi-Tek will f*** you in the a**" it sets a very distinctive tone for the rest of the show. The DJ of course wears a grotesquely deformed costume face mask the entire show. That is of course following the opening visuals of someone with progeria under the cloak of some gloomy chanting. Of course if you at a Die Antwoord show, you're likely very aware of what to expect. And if you somehow stumbled into the Myth last night on a whim, on a Sunday even, I hope you find get the resources you...

My Top Five Concerts of 2013

Pretty Lights @ Myth Live

2013 was a fantastic year for live music in Minnesota with an endless number of options. I wished I could have attended more shows, but in the end, I value my marriage, day job, and sleep. Though, in 2013 I did attend more shows in a single year that I ever had before, 38 concerts to be exact. That's a concert every 9.5 days. I definitely couldn't have done that without the support of my wife. Thanks Carrie! Just a heads up though, I already have tickets to ten shows in 2014, but I promise I'll be quiet when I get home. Here are my top 5 most enjoyable shows of 2013:
5. ...

'Pretty Lights' @ Myth Live

Pretty Lights @ Myth Live

Insert witty comment about how pretty the lights were here. The lights were indeed amazing, but these days that's a given at an EDM show much less a Pretty Lights show. This tour, Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, was heading out in support of his most recent album, A Color Map of the Sun. However, this time around he was bringing along a number of live musicians to support him onstage. I'm a big fan of EDM and electronic music, and I'm also a...

'Ke$ha' @ Myth Live

2013-08-20 08.56.26

"How much glitter is enough glitter", was a question many apparently asked themselves on Monday night, but few accurately answered.  Arriving at Myth Live in Maplewood to the almost sold out Ke$ha crowd, the use of glitter seemed as if it was a requirement.  Many of the overwhelming amount of female attendees appeared to incorporate it in some degree in their outfit for the night.  The heavily costumed all age crowd definitely weighed heavily on the late teen early twenties demographic. Although many an older fan could be found throughout the crowd. Ke$ha eventually took the stage around 9:50PM starting off the set with...