Net Neutrality

FCC Extends Time for Internet Users to Comment on 'Net Neutrality' Until Friday

Net neutrality

Net neutrality is one of the biggest issues facing America today -- the loss of net neutrality could lead to the widespread destruction of the Internet as we know it. But many Internet users are not going down without a fight. Thanks to an overwhelming amount of traffic on its website, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has extended the first deadline for comments on the newly-proposed Internet traffic rules to Friday, July 18, at midnight. The traffic in question includes almost 680,000 comments left by everyone from lawmakers to ordinary citizens, ...

'Net Neutrality' is Under Attack -- You Need to Care About This

Net neutrality

The term 'Net Neutrality' might not mean much to you, but it should -- since you are reading this, it's easy to derive you utilize the Internet in some capacity. The Internet works quite well (though it has drawbacks) and only continues to improve as the world of technology speedily advances. It isn't broken at all, yet our lovely federal government is quite possibly teaming up with mega Internet providers like Comcast and Time Warner to "fix" something that isn't broken. While you may not think this issue affects you, I assure you it does. As of now, the Internet is an even playing field, with all websites,...