Nostalgia Video Gaming - Pokemon Week! The Remakes


Pokemon is not just big, it's old. And the Pokemon creators had a really great idea at one point. Instead of just making a slippery slope of new games (that could easily become increasingly worse) why not just remake the old titles? As I said before, I came in on Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire versions, so I didn't know much about Pokemon Red/Blue or Pokemon Gold/Silver. Well now I've got a better idea, because I've played the remakes!
Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green Versions...

Nostalgia Video Gaming - Pokemon Week! Spin-off Games


Pokemon is big. Really big. It has seeped into so many different mediums of entertainment. But it has also become many different video games. Hopefully I'll be able to hit some of the best, and most nostalgic ones.
Pokemon Colosseum/XD: Gale of Darkness (2004/2005 Gamecube)

Nostalgia Video Gaming - Pokemon Week! Mainline Games

Pokemon-starters-allcurrentgens Like I said in my announcement for this upcoming three part installment on the Pokemon universe, Pokemon Ruby was the first game of this franchise I owned. I watched people play Pokemon Red/Blue, and I played maybe five minutes of Pokemon Gold. Never fret, I will be getting to those games eventually, I just feel I need to begin where I began.
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Version (2003/2005 Gameboy Advanced)

Nostalgia Video Gaming Announcement - Pokemon Week!

Pokemonweekbanner One of the first ever video games I owned was Pokemon Ruby Version. But even then, my fanaticism for that franchise began elsewhere. I loved the show and the movies, and while it took forever for me to actually get a video game, I ate up whatever Pokemon stuff I could. And now it all adds up to this: Pokemon Week! For my final hurrah of Nostalgia Video Gaming, I will be spending a whole entire week looking at the various adaptations of the colorful Nintendo video game franchise: Pokemon. Since this is 'video gaming,' I won't be going into the show or movies,...

Nostalgia Video Gaming - 'Fire Emblem' Follow Up

Fire-Emblem-Gameboy-Titles You know, it's funny how many things you think you know, when you don't have the whole picture. When I made my review on the Fire Emblem series, I got a few things wrong, and I didn't realize it until I took a closer look at some of the older games. Since this has been bugging me a while, I thought I'd do a quick follow up to hopefully correct any mistakes I made. First off, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones ...

Nostalgia Video Gaming - 'Fire Emblem' Series


I have already made two references to this turn-based strategy series, so I guess now I have to actually discuss the game itself. Fire Emblem, though, is going to be tough; Fire Emblem 1 in America is Fire Emblem 7 in Japan, and there has been one release between then -- the latest Fire Emblem: Awakening has also not been released outside of Japan. Plus, I haven't played all of these games to completion. I'm still working on ...

Nostalgia Video Gaming -- The 'Super Smash Bros.' Series

Nostalgia Video Gaming -- The Super Smash Bros. Series

It has always been hard for me to pick favorites when it comes to many things, but video games especially. I remember having to do a school project involving picking favorites, and when it came to video games I defaulted to one particular title: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was an easy choice, the Super Smash Bros. series had always provided endless hours of entertainment, and it combined so many of the characters I loved into a game all of its own.