'The Judge' Offers a Hung Jury

The Judge Warner Bros

I'll begin my assessment by reassuring those who are excited to see The Judge: this is a satisfying movie. If idyllic Americana visuals, gravy-thick themes and archetypal yet well-developed characters engage your interest, then go ahead, see this film. My criticisms, which are many, nearly all fall under cosmetic categories. The flaws won't jump through the screen, unless you have a particular dislike for court dramas.
Cinematography Prevails!
Although acting nearly took the blue ribbon, The Judge is too loaded with perfectly...

Minnesota Vikings Week 2 - Review, Preview and Talking Points

Peterson greatest viking of all time

In my semi-professional opinion, nobody in Viking-land wants to read about the 30-7 route of our beloved team this past Sunday. Other than the painful reminder of how underwhelming the men in purple are without their star running-back, the game helped to put optimism on hold (and the bandwagon keys back in the drawer).
Adrian Peterson Apologizes
In a statement...

What Does a Man Like Victor Barnard Ask of Parents?

[caption id="attachment_230421" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Undated photo with Victor Barnard and his "Maidens" Undated photo with Victor Barnard and his "Maidens"[/caption] The news of Victor Barnard, the Finlayson "Pastor" (more like cult leader), has settled upon Minnesota for a solid week. He's accused of 59 counts of child molestation and the manhunt continues for him in Washington state (he fled there when the investigation of him began in earnest in 2012). The questions Barnard has brought...