President Obama

President Obama Coming to the Twin Cities

Lake Harriet Bandshell Summer - Brian Moen

President Obama is making a two day trip to Minneapolis and Bloomington at the end of this week. The trip's plan previously comprised of only a fundraiser but it has ballooned out into a Minnehaha Park town hall-style event on Thursday and a public speech at the Lake Harriet Bandshell on Friday morning. One of the major reasons for the trip's expansion has been a letter written by a Minneapolitan woman named 'Rebekah.' She outlined her struggles to the president (who has a habit of reading ten letters from citizens a day)...

President Obama: Love Him or Leave Him? Minnesotans Speak Up

Obama poll - Minnesotans Weigh In

Barack Obama will be in town on Wednesday, February 26th looking to boost a Minnesota approval rating that is at its lowest point since 2009. What do you think of our President? As a Minnesotan, how do you feel about Barack Obama and the job he is doing in the Oval Office? According to data from a recent Star Tribune poll...