Pretty Lights

My Top Five Concerts of 2013

Pretty Lights @ Myth Live

2013 was a fantastic year for live music in Minnesota with an endless number of options. I wished I could have attended more shows, but in the end, I value my marriage, day job, and sleep. Though, in 2013 I did attend more shows in a single year that I ever had before, 38 concerts to be exact. That's a concert every 9.5 days. I definitely couldn't have done that without the support of my wife. Thanks Carrie! Just a heads up though, I already have tickets to ten shows in 2014, but I promise I'll be quiet when I get home. Here are my top 5 most enjoyable shows of 2013:
5. ...

'Pretty Lights' @ Myth Live

Pretty Lights @ Myth Live

Insert witty comment about how pretty the lights were here. The lights were indeed amazing, but these days that's a given at an EDM show much less a Pretty Lights show. This tour, Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, was heading out in support of his most recent album, A Color Map of the Sun. However, this time around he was bringing along a number of live musicians to support him onstage. I'm a big fan of EDM and electronic music, and I'm also...