Red Bull Crashed Ice

Red Bull Crashed Ice This Saturday!

Full Downhill Skating Course St. Paul Red Bull Crashed Ice

Minnesota might not be the best place for the full enormity of the Winter Olympics, but we certainly have made our mark on the trendiest new sport on ice: Downhill Skating. This is the fourth year the slope of the St. Paul Cathedral has been converted into a stage for Red Bull's freshly minted and notably successful experiment (thought to be...

Red Bull's Crashed Ice Was Cold, Crowded, Crazy and Fun

Red Bull Crashed Ice Action I decided to brave the slick roads, venturing to St. Paul this past Saturday night to watch the Red Bull Crashed Ice Tour’s weekend visit to our state’s capital -- I enjoyed the overall experience despite a few hurdles I had to overcome. Parking was non-existent. We ended up taking a cab to a reasonable walking distance of the snaking, 400-meter track, and then trudging through the slippery, snow covered sidewalks, the remaining remnants of last week’s "Winter Storm of the Year." Throngs of people seemed to be perpetually arriving and leaving...

Red Bull's Crashed Ice Coming to Cathedral in St. Paul

Only Red Bull could come up with something like this.

A cross between downhill skiing, ice hockey and demolition derby, Red Bull's Crashed Ice Tour careens into St. Paul on February 20 - 22, for the second leg of their four-city, 2014 international campaign.

Formally called an “ice cross downhill competition,” Red Bull's Crashed Ice features heats of four robustly-padded skaters racing down a 400-meter hill, jockeying for position while dodging obstacles, flying over jumps, and trying not to break bones. Over the last couple years, in what is fast becoming an annual tradition at our state's...