Movie Review -- 'Jupiter Ascending' Plummets

jupiter ascending review

There are not enough space operas in the universe! Time has come for the Wachowskis to add their own epic to the mix. Jupiter Ascending puts forth a strong start as a girl, named Jupiter by her deceased father, is born on a voyage between Russia and America. We find Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) later in life as a toilet scrubbing maid working alongside her mother and aunt. Events quickly lead to the audience finding out that this oddly named protagonist has a galactic destiny far beyond her wildest dreams.
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Movie Review -- 'Project Almanac' Gets a Passing Grade

project-almanac-movie review - 2015

Movies that power their plot with time-travel must be forgiven for inevitable logical inconsistencies, because unlike other fantastical features: Warp-speed, Bigfoot, UFOs, Vampires, etc. time-travel (especially to the past) breaks too many layers of logic. Yet, like other fantasies (Twilight's vegetarian vampires come to mind *cringes*), every speculative temporal relocation work seems to imbue their respective manifestations with distinct rules. Project Almanac is fairly typical as far as time travel movies go, but though it lacks big mistakes,...