Seattle Seahawks

2015 Vikings: Contenders or Pretenders? (Answer: Pretenders)


Sunday’s 38-7 drubbing at the hands of the almost-back-to-back-champion Seahawks made clear to most rational people what the cynics (like me) were already suspecting: The 2015 Vikings are probably not contenders. They are paper tigers. Purple pretenders. It’s not that they lost. It’s that they were completely outclassed. At every aspect of football. For a full 60 minutes. At home. In retrospect, after 12 games, it actually...

Super Bowl Team Mascots Fight on ESPN

Denver Broncos - Seattle Seahawks - Mascots - Fight - ESPN - Sports Center

Today, is the Super Bowl -- it's the culmination of the entire NFL season on a stage that happens to be the biggest single sporting event in the entire world. With a championship on the line, of course there is a lot of tension between Denver and Seattle -- the players, the coaches, the fans, and even the team's mascots have a vendetta against the opposition. ESPN is so great at making fun out of sports and its rivalries -- once again, they have another excellent SportsCenter commercial to demonstrate...