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Artist Spotlight: Fashion Designers Tabitha Andelin and Gina Moorhead

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Circle of Design 2016, Minnesota’s favorite fashion show, has taken this year to the next level. With new and exciting sponsors like Aesthetic Institute of Edina and Styles and Statements, it is possible to expand the efforts of the show to be extremely supportive to its student designers and local businesses.

In fact, of the three students participating in the show this year, Tabitha Andelin will be fully sponsored by show creator Shelly Gensmer and Circle of Design alum Gina...

'Circle of Design 2015' Exceeds Expectations

FIN sur FIN look 2 Circle of Design 2014 began with a powerful presence. The lights dimmed as JLW Productions dance crew took to the stage and kicked off the show with a beautifully choreographed dance to Lorde’s chilling rendition of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” The dance- though only a few minutes long, which incorporated costume changes, the use of props, and the engagement of the audience. It was a compelling performance that set the stage and expectation for an incredible show. The show lived up to its expectations, incorporating many elements in order to convey the story that creator Shelly Gensmer was determined to tell. She enlisted...

'Circle of Design' Set for 2015

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Minnesota’s favorite fashion show is back for round two! Circle of Design burst onto the scene for spring fashion week last March, and Minnesota Connected brought you full coverage of the event. The show last year, which featured three designers, a full dance crew, and an epic story taking viewers through the stages of a garment's creation, was sold out at over 300 tickets. This year will be bigger, better, and the center-stage event for spring fashion week 2015! ...