'Soundset' Triumphs Despite Canadian Credit Cards, Overloaded Cell Phone Towers and Texas TSA

[caption id="attachment_263283" align="aligncenter" width="540"]CH (1) Cypress Hill embodied many of the day's themes.[/caption] Sunday's weather proved that perfection in Minnesota May is possible. The state's largest music festival deserved the lucky break; unlike the chilly Soundset of 2013 or the heat followed by the tornado of 2012, the only seasonal question fans had to answer was how much sunscreen to put on (answer: not much). The sold-out event, which celebrated its seventh year, has been growing despite numerous set backs over its short run. This year, the problems proved to be merely minor inconveniences; the show has hit its stride.
The Price of Success...

Interview with Slug from 'Atmosphere'

Interview - Slug - Atmosphere - Minnesota Connected

Today, the 2014 edition of the Welcome to Minnesota tour kicks off in Mankato and will conclude less than a week later in Minneapolis at a sold out First Avenue. We spoke to Slug (pictured above on the left next to his DJ, Ant) of Atmosphere via email about the tour, Soundset, the Current, and some of their favorite local acts. ** Minnesota Connected: Congrats on four years of the Welcome to Minnesota tour. Is it getting easier to pull these together now after four years, or is...