Monday Miscellany — Volume 2

Monday Miscellany is a weekly-ish column with no real focus or direction. A mix of news, politics, sports, culture, media, reviews, trivia, local events, puppy gifs, stuff I saw on Reddit/Wikipedia & some other items perhaps only tangentially related to Minnesota. If this column has a purpose, it would be to provide you, my dear reader, with (A) a brief escape from the monotony of your Monday morning chores and duties, and (B) some topics to talk about should you encounter an awkward silence during an upcoming first date. If you don't like a little biting sarcasm in your internet reading, this isn't for...

101 Year-Old Still Out Shoveling Snow

101 year old shoveling snow - Mann

Recently, a 101-year-old man was filmed shoveling the neighbor’s walkway after a recent snowfall. Richard Mann, of St. Paul, was filmed by 55-year-old Keven O’Bannon shoveling another neighbor’s driveway while the neighbor was out of town. In the video, which has gone viral, Mann stated that he needed the exercise and that he wasn’t going to exert himself. Mann’s work ethic stems from the fact that his father died when he was four. To help his single mom, he would do chores around the house. One of those chores included shoveling snow.

Where Does it Snow the Most? Minnesota vs. Boston (and the Rest of the U.S.)


Spring is in the air, and I'm feeling a little guilty. I feel like we Minnesotans got away with something this past winter. In terms of snowfall, the East Coast — specifically Boston — was hit harder and more often than a Brad Radke fastball. Every time I turned on the TV, it seemed there was another report of those poor suckers out east shoveling themselves out from under a fresh pile of snow. Meanwhile, here in the Great North, where the white stuff is supposed to fall all the time, we had barely enough accumulation to build a ...

Keeping the Recent Cold in Context


Drifting snow danced upon angry, howling winds as temperatures plummeted quicker than the Minnesota Wild in the NHL standings... Last week reminded us all just how frigid a true Minnesota winter can be. But how bad was it? How does last week's cold snap stack up to the lowest recorded temp in Minnesota history? And how does Minnesota's coldest ever day compare to record low temperatures throughout the rest of the United States? Here are the ...

Winter Storm Incoming!

Uncle Sam Minnesota Winter

This Minnesota winter has been one of the most painful in memory (especially for us Millennials). The cold has crippled the state several times and caused even the great lakes to pretty much freeze over. Snow has made parking nightmarish and now there is up to a foot more on the way. ...Okay I might be exaggerating (most sources say a maximum of eight inches for Minneapolis), but this will likely be the...