Southeastern Minnesota

'Virotherapy' Breakthrough at Mayo Clinic, New One Shot Cure for Cancer?


Medical breakthroughs are not uncommon in Minnesota, but the Mayo Clinic might have just taken the prize for 2014's greatest advancement. Using an extremely heavy dose of a specialized measles vaccine, doctors have put a woman's blood cancer into complete and undeniable remission (without the assistance of any other treatment). This "proof of concept" could be the tipping point for a method of attacking cancer which has drawn speculation for more...

Spring Into Minnesota Wineries

Minnesota Wines

France, Italy, California, Australia, Chile... Minnesota? Although not listed among top wine regions in the world, the land of 10,000 lakes has produced its fair share of yummy grape-grog in recent years. While the Minnesota craft brewing renaissance carries on into another summer of fun, it's easy to forget the work and innovation being done on the state's other favorite beverage. Winter is over. Time to go wine tasting! The Minnesota Grape Growers Association has compiled a map showing a solid selection of wineries across...

A Traitorous Minnesota County in our Midst?

United States Baseball

The Upshot, a visual journalism project of the New York Times, released an interactive map showing the allegiances of baseball fans across the country. Using Facebook "likes" plugged into zip codes it was able to produce a percentage breakdown of favorite teams on a rather precise scale. As expected, the domain of the Twins covers Minnesota (or almost all of it, more on this), most of the Dakotas and snags hand-fulls of counties in the border regions of Nebraska, Iowa and of...