St. Paul Beer

Remember the Beer Dabbler Come January!

Minnesota Beer Dabbler Glass

Although for some Minnesotans January can be a flurry of busyness and outdoor activities (while for others it's the complete opposite), the 24th should absolutely take priority for the most important Midwest winter activity: drinking beer. The 2015 Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival has been a growing tradition for Twin Cities beer aficionados: hosting the entire elite cast of our state's breweries (and beyond). The event will offer live music, food trucks, various important beer people, a handful of politicians and much, much more. ...

Robert and Erik Enjoying Beer – Burning Brothers Brewing

A Half Pint at Burning Brothers Brewing

One recent start-up that has been gaining interest (and distribution) is Burning Brothers Brewing. Their specialty is gluten-free beer; not just gluten-free in the legal sense, but an actual zero parts per million sense. They do this by brewing in a completely gluten-free facility and by using sorghum, an ancient and drought hardy crop that has changed little through the modern era. We decided to pay them a visit. We had to stop in and give it...