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Book Review – 'Mr. Mercedes' by Stephen King

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A first attempt at the hard-boiled detective novel, Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes is a genuine departure from his usual best-selling horror/thriller niche. Firmly rooted in a fictional 2012 Ohio, Mr. Mercedes alternately follows both the recently retired detective Bill Hodges and the psychotic and incestuously obsessed Brady Hartsfield. Rendered in King’s familiar subchapter framework, a narrative style that compliments King’s penchant for suspense and frequent crescendos of dramatic tension, Mr. Mercedes...

Good Things Come in Threes — Three Books You Must Read


What is the sign of a good book? Is it the style and fluidity of the prose? Is it the author’s ability to engage the reader? First, what makes a book worth reading, and second, worth recommending? Why do some books garner huge popularity and numerous accolades while others sit on shelves untouched, collecting dust over the years? Obviously, the answers to these questions differ on a person-to-person basis. Some people simply love the classics: The Catcher in the RyeThe Great Gatsby, FrankensteinThe Scarlet Letter...