Steve Wilkinson

When Legends Collide -- A Tale in Gustavus Adolphus Tennis History

Hall of fame tennis coach Steve Wilkinson rousted the Gustavus Adolphus Black Team early for the long van ride to Grambling, Louisiana. The day’s match represented a daunting task because the Black Team was the junior varsity from the Division III school facing off against Grambling’s Division II varsity.   

The team understood that Grambling was a primarily black school and I’m sure that jangled the nerves of some on our lily white roster. After all, just...

What Will Become of Steve Wilkinson’s Tennis Empire?

wilkinson_gustavus On January 21st, Gustavus Adolphus Coach Steve Wilkinson passed away peacefully at home, leaving behind a trail of historic milestones as the winningest tennis coach of all time. We track his innovative spiritual philosophy and what will remain of his tennis legacy.

A Rocky Beginning

When I arrived as a wide-eyed freshman at Gustavus Adolphus College, Tennis Coach Steve Wilkinson (“Wilk”) had just cleared out his office. His young daughter Stephanie carried his boxes as Wilk tried to explain the deeply disappointing news that he had not received tenure and a new professor was taking his office. He had bought a house in small town...