The Plaza Theatre

'The Plaza Theater' Opens Anew With New Leadership, A Fresh Start and a Major Facelift

The Plaza Theater - Maplewood - Controversy - Remodel - 2013 - Exterior

The Plaza Theatre in Maplewood and Woodland Hills Church have been the center of a firestorm in recent months. Now that it's December, the church has assumed control of the bargain movie house. While the theater was closed for a few weeks, it was for good reason: the entire building underwent a complete overhaul. I stopped in a few times during the remodeling process, and now have seen the mostly finished product, and the building without a doubt took a turn for the better. Even amongst...

Woodland Hills Church Clears the Air Regarding The Plaza Theatre

Woodland Hills Church - Plaza Theater - Controversy

The Plaza Theatre in Maplewood is one of the most beloved places in the community to check out an inexpensive movie. I wrote a piece a few weeks back discussing how the Plaza would be changing, as current theatre manager Nathan Block would not be continuing his oversight of the local icon. This 'change of the guard' has brought plenty of controversy, many people thinking Block is being forced out. The church who owns the property, Woodland Hills, is taking all of the heat...