Twin Cities Marathon

Running is Tough -- Running in the Snow is Crazy

running in the snow

During the spring of 2013, my dad introduced me to a new activity: running. I had played sports through college but always hated running. The idea of putting one foot in front of the other with no real goal or objective in mind seemed beyond asinine. Give me a ball, an open field, and someone to beat and I’ll play all day, but the very thought of putting on shoes and running “just because” made my lungs hurt. A little background for you: my dad was turning 50 in 2013 and wanted to cross “run a half marathon” off his bucket list. He somehow roped me into it and we ran the Minneapolis...

The Marathon is More Than a Race, It's a Triumph of Will Over Reason -- The 2013 Twin Cities Marathon is This Weekend

Phidippides - Marathon

The year is 490 B.C. The Persian war machine moves swiftly across Asia Minor, engulfing countries and conquering lands. The Persian commanders begin plans to attack weak, lowly Greece. The peninsular nation is disjointed, unconnected -- even disparaged. Villages dot the landscape but the few cities large enough to house an army are few and far between, and the armies capable of halting the Persian's hunger are even fewer. Nevertheless, the city of Athens sends their army to the Valley of Marathon where they hope to intercept and stall the Persian advance. ...