'The Wedge' Reveals Plans for New Location on Eat Street

Eat Street Wedge Counter View Cuningham Group Conceptual Design

I have a love-hate relationship with the Wedge Community Co-op. I love their food, excellent customer service and local-first mentality. I just hate the mini-traffic jam their store produces on Lyndale Avenue in the evening; they're really popular and it shows. That's why I am excited to hear they're expanding and doing so in the same neighborhood (Whittier)! Eat Street (Nicollet...

'Uptown Vapor Shoppe' -- A Place For E-Cigarettes and Community

Uptown Vapor Shoppe - Exterior

The lifeline of Uptown is Hennepin Avenue -- this bustling road is always full of life with cars, bikers and pedestrians making their way to their respective Minneapolis destinations. Along the busy street, tucked next to Brass Knuckle Tattoo, sits Uptown Vapor Shoppe. For those Minneapolis residents who use e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers, Uptown Vapor Shoppe should be be your new destination for all your vapor needs. The person behind Uptown Vapor Shoppe is the lovely Sina War -- she is the day-to-day operator of the business supported by a partner who acts...

This Pricey Restaurant Offers Plenty of Deals -- Uptown's 'Stella's Fish Cafe' Restaurant Review

Stellas - Restaurant Review

The stars recently aligned -- my husband and I had a rare (child free) Friday night out! We headed out to the bustling streets of Uptown. We definitely wanted to hit up Stella's Fish Cafe for their popular Happy Hour -- we were so happy we did. First, the drinks...I ordered the Grape Crush -- a mix of grape pucker, Stoli Citrus muddled with lemon & limes and a splash of soda. Warning: do not arrive thirsty as this drink tastes like a jelly bean and goes down FAST. Feeling in the Friday night spirit I immediately ordered another drink as my husband gave me that, "Are you sure?" look. This time was the...