Cat Makes Mail Delivery a Challenge

Cat is a Jerk to the mailman

On today's Internet, you can't browse very long without coming across a picture or a video of a cat -- cats rule the Internet. Today, I am going to further that conception by posting a video, of a cat, being a jerk. Also, if you didn't know, cats are jerks. Thankfully, this cat was a jerk, and it's really funny -- even the mail carrier has a good laugh at the challenge of having to deliver mail with this cat on the prowl. Enjoy.   Photo via: Google ...

12 Things You May Not Know About Netflix

12 Cool - Surprising Facts about Netflix - Blockbuster - 2014

Hey, how about an advertisement for Netflix? That's essentially what this video is, but it's an interesting one at that. Netflix is beloved by so many, including my wife and I as we tune into reruns of The Office before turning in for the night like children needing a bedtime story. The growth of Netflix has been very interesting, like the now bankrupt Blockbuster passing on the opportunity to buy the company years ago, for the dirt cheap price of $50 million -- now, Netflix is worth over $20 billion, with a "B." Ouch. This fact and many...