Week 7

Perfect No More -- Vikings Sink Themselves to First Loss

Vikings Training Camp 2016 - 031

The Minnesota Vikings have now experienced what every other team in the NFL has -- a loss. Calm down Vikings fans, it's only one game against a tough opponent on the road. And I will give credit where credit is due -- the Eagles came up with a solid game plan and played well enough to win the game. But in my eyes, this game is all about the purple shooting themselves in the foot, over and over. Like the Week 1 loss last year to the woeful San Francisco 49ers, this was an uncharacteristic game from this Vikings team. The obvious jumping off point is the atrocious play of the offensive line. We all knew...

Minnesota Vikings Breakdown -- "No Answers" -- Week 7

Vikings - Giants - 2013 - Monday Night Football Embarrassment

After Week 3 and Week 6, Vikings fans were left shaking their heads in disbelief to just how far their favorite football team had fallen. Well, a Week 7 embarrassment on national television compounded all that disbelief into a state of numbness. Is this team really this bad? After watching what I can easily call one of the most pathetic NFL football games I've ever seen, the answer might be yes. The Tampa Bay savior turned out to be the worst quarterback the Vikings have fielded this season, and that's saying something...