Como Zoo Adds Two Polar Bears

polar bears added to como zoo

Just as the Timberwolves are acquiring players, the Como Zoo in St. Paul is going to be adding two white fluff-balls to its wealth of animals and newly-born babies. These fluff-balls, typically referred to as polar bears, are two-year-old twins Sakari and Suka who were originally born in the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. The bears will be joining Como Zoo’s Polar Bear Odyssey, which is four times larger than the previous exhibit for the world’s largest...

Head to the Zoos for Baby Animals

Lynx Kittens Nothing is cuter than baby animals -- nothing -- since you clearly agree, now is a great time to head to the Minnesota Zoo or Como Zoo. Both are now hosts to some adorable new babies ranging from few weeks old to ten months old.  
Minnesota Zoo:
Lynx kitten mn zoo ...