First Ever TargetExpress Headed to Dinkytown

Target Express - Dinkytown - U of Minnesota Campus - 2014 - Target Corp

Yes, you heard that right. Not only is Target expanding to Dinkytown to capture that market of University of Minnesota students, but they are doing so with an express model that has never been done before by the Minnesota based corporation. All college students need anyway is junk food, caffeine and school supplies. Well, and maybe a handful of other necessities. At just 20,000 square feet, this Target will be the smallest Target, ever. It is said to be 15% the size of a typical Target outlet -- in comparison, a Super Target is somewhere in the realm of 175,000 square feet, a regular Target closer to 100,000 square feet depending on location. The baby Target will be on the ground floor of a newly constructed, expensive apartment complex called The Marshall. The Target is scheduled to open July 27, ready for the new school year at the University of Minnesota. This location will obviously only carry a fraction of what the big Target retail stores have in stock -- the inventory will be a mix of pharmacy and grocery items (obviously lots of junk food), some electronics, some clothing, school supplies and most likely a good stock of dorm accessories. This beta TargetExpress will define where the corporation moves from here -- the smaller store allows Target to consider opening stores in more dense, urban landscapes. In the past, Target has needed a huge plot of land to leave a footprint. Now, they are looking to wedge stores into smaller spaces, and this first express store will either make or break this idea. If students flock to the store and it's a success, prepare to see more TargetExpress stores in the future. If not, Target will have to go back to the drawing board. I know I for one would love smaller Targets -- less space and less merchandise means less time there for me, following my wife around as she meanders back and forth, finding things we don't need, turning milk and bread shopping trips into much, much more. I curse you Super Target!  Image via: Target FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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