'Tarzan' Coming Soon to the Lakeville Performing Arts Center

Tarzan - Lakeville - Disney - January 2014 The Children’s Castle Theater is at it again! It’s been awhile since their last production of Homer Price, but they are back, this time taking on Disney’s hit Tarzan. The film has been adapted for the stage into a musical that will be performed at the Lakeville Performing Arts Center numerous times this weekend and next. The Children's Castle Theater is using many familiar faces who starred in Homer Price to bring Tarzan to life, such as Tomi Williams, a nine year-old girl who played the small character ‘Mary’ in Homer Price. This is Tomi’s third round as a member of Children's Castle Theater, and she is thrilled to be cast as one of Tarzan’s gorilla family members in the upcoming production. “I practice my dances and songs every night!” she said, delighted to be a part of the show. Tomi’s dream is to become an actress, and the Children's Castle Theater is helping that dream come true. Though she is far from Hollywood, “I have had lines, I’ve been in shows. I am an actress. And I love what I do,” she said, beaming and confident. The Children's Castle Theater does their best to include every child like Tomi, who is excited to be involved and on stage. Tarzan will be performed January 17,18, and 19 as well as January 24, 25, and 26. For times and more information, visit the Lakeville site. Image via: Lakeville Performing Arts    

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