The 2014 Minnesota Twins Celebrate Opening Day

opening-day-2013 Opening Day to a baseball fan is their New Years Day. Every great and not so great baseball season starts on the 'same day' (though the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opened in Australia last week). As a fan you're not sure what is ahead -- and even though you want to view the upcoming set of 162 games through the lens of past results, you can't be certain of what will happen over the course of the very long season -- this is what makes baseball the best game of them all. A winning streak can be undone by an unexpected losing streak, injuries can change what is viewed as a certainty, and performances from surprise players at unique times give hope and texture to a season. In short, the dawn of a baseball season is like the start of each day. It always progresses to a conclusion, but how we get there continually varies. The Minnesota Twins will open their 54th season today in Chicago playing the White Sox. No one is sure how their season will end -- fans have their opinions of course. Many are predicting 90 to 100 losses and a lineup that will struggle to score more than three runs a game. Others feel the pitching will be as much to blame as the hitting this season, but again, the beauty of it all, no one really knows. The sport of baseball is back and soon the weather will get warmer, the grass will turn green, and the Minnesota Twins will fight through the summer to escape the cycle of losing they are in. Chances are they will struggle this season, but we really don't know. Baseball's history is scattered with miraculous teams that outperformed expectations -- remember all those great underdog Twins teams of the early 2000's? It's Opening Day and every team has the same record. It's a new year all over again.   Photo via: Google    

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