'The Bloody Beetroots' (w/ 'Valentino Khan') @ Skyway Theatre

2013-05-28 18.22.33 How can less people attend a Monday night show you might wonder? Simple, make that Monday night a holiday. Toss in an extra late night set time, and it becomes painfully obvious why the Skyway Theatre was empty for The Bloody Beetroots. Lucky for the few in attendance however, the performances that night weren't reflective of the small crowd. Valentino Khan started off the late night getting the crowd warmed up. Over the course of his nearly 90 minute set he took us from Trap to Dubstep to Moombahton and back again. His energy was infectious as he jumped and bounced around while encouraging the crowd to get moving too. Although he started out fairly mellow, for EDM standards anyway, he had successfully driven the crowd into a frenzy by the time he was done. It was all done so effortlessly that you didn't even realize you were in full on dance mode as he wrapped up. Not a small feat for late Monday night if you ask me. Now, when I originally saw The Bloody Beetroots weren't going on until midnight, I thought there just wasn't any way I was going to make it until then. As in, had a mild panic attack type doubt. Like I said, this was a Monday night, of a long and busy 3 day weekend. Low and behold, midnight rolled around and we were pushing closer to the stage as the DJ table was getting wheeled away. As the lights went down, Battle (synths) and Edward Grinch (drums) sauntered onstage to start the show. After a brief intro, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo takes the stage and proceeds to give us 90 minutes of a full on Bloody Beetroots assault. He moved from the center stage grand piano to the mic like someone with a split personality. The guy playing the piano was a refined classically trained gentleman. The other guy was someone who'd likely beat up the guy on the piano. Rifo made use of the entire stage running back and forth, jumping off the piano set, and dipping the mic into the audience. The energy was exaggerated everytime Sir Bob's Venom mask lit up with it's blinding white eyes. They say time flies when you're having fun, which was absolutely the case here. As quickly as they started, the show was over. It had to be the quickest hour and a half ever. As a treat for those who were still hanging around, Valentino Khan came back out and played for another 30 minutes while the stage was being torn down. I suppose if you're going to stay up until 1:30AM on a Monday night, what's another 30 minutes. 2013-05-28 13.48.51

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