The Longest Home Runs in the History of Target Field

Target Field - 2014 - Matthew Deery

Last week, Kennys Vargas hit an epic roundtripper during the Twins 13-2 drubbing of our division rivals from the south side of Chicago. The home run measured 436 feet — a blast gargantuan enough that a diehard Twins fan coworker of mine insisted I watch a video of it online the next morning at the office. And so I pass it on to you... Vargas' long bomb got me wondering... Hmm... I wonder where this home runs ranks among the longest at Target Field? And what was the longest home run in Target Field history? Here is a graph answering those questions (Click to enlarge): Longest Twins Homeruns Vargas' homer on June 22nd didn't even make the top ten, though his 446-foot shot from last season was good enough to get him on the list. But move over Kennys... Jim Thome is the undisputed king of Target Field in term of home run length. The (likely) future Hall of Famer owns the three longest bombs in the young stadium's history. Here are the videos of his three record blasts (so you can show your coworkers):
#3 — April 10, 2011 (454 feet)
#2 — June 13, 2012 (459 feet, playing for the enemy)
#1 — July 17, 2011 (464 feet)
  I miss Jim Thome.   Images by: Matthew Deery -- Brent Lee

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