'The Presets' (w/ 'Dragonette') @ First Avenue

2013-05-16 15.27.29 Two bands with similar sounds, but very distinctive stage shows.  This was the scene at First Ave for Dragonette and The Presets. First up was Dragonette who were incredibly poppy and personable.  They easily got the sparse Wednesday night crowd dancing and engaged for a quick 1 hour set.  Martina Sorbara, Dragonette's lead singer, was incredibly entertaining to watch as she jumped and danced the entire time.  She even highlighted the bands venture out to Target Field that day for a Twins game.  The highlight for me was to hear 'Hello' live, even if it is a few years old, it's a really fun song. After what was a very refreshing and lively set, The Presets took the stage in what was to be a much moodier and darker show.   Julian Hamilton, the lead singer, came across a bit stiff and robotic.  This was a stark contrast to Martina's bubbly and happy-go-lucky stage presence.  Although he moved around the stage quite a bit, he never really addressed the crowd, and when he did, he seemed very apprehensive to do so.  The music sounded great however, due in part to Kim Moyes on drums and keyboards.  Hamilton definitely owned his stage personality though, but it just seemed out of place that night.  The fact he never smiled and really over used the military style fist pump left me wishing he would loosen up and have some fun.  Why so serious, Julian?!
It was a great night of electro pop music, delivered by two completely different front-people.  One that left you happy and the other one was The Presets.

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