The Riverview Theater -- The Best of a Dying Breed

Riverview Theater - Minneapolis -exterior

A group of us went to go see Captain Phillips recently at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis and I was once again impressed by the experience. The theater was well-attended (though on its third week of showing the movie), clean and efficient at getting us to our seats. Whether you are a devoted patron of discount theaters or simply missed a movie in its prime run, the Riverview Theater is the place to watch. While mainstream theaters are discovering a host of new ways to siphon the money from your wallet, a small brigade of theaters are holding strong; they aren’t just keeping their prices reasonable, they keep them downright cheap. Even the price of concessions between the two groups is staggering. Riverview Theater - Minneapolis -seating3-large So, what makes the Riverview Theater better than other discount venues? One word: style. Minneapolis has seen many of its edifices decay with the era of their creation or even die before their time (Block E for example), but somehow the Riverview keeps a freshly dusted window to a golden age of film. It feels like a pure continuum from decades past; it provides the intangible elements that those pirated things on your computer can not. Yes, there are limited show times because it is a one-screen theater. Yes, you will probably have to find street parking -- and yes, you will sometimes be distracted by the art that frames the movie you are watching, but it’s by far the best value in town.   Photos via: Google  

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