The St. Paul Police "Cowhunt"


It is not often you see a cow running loose in the middle of a city, but that is exactly what happened midday last Friday. During the lunch hour, police in St. Paul tried to capture a heifer that had escaped from the State Fairgrounds while being unloaded. The cow was part of the Minnesota British White and Park Association sale. The cow which was first mistaken for a bull was seen in the railroad yard of Energy Park Drive and Snelling Avenue. Attempts to capture the cow were unsuccessful. Animal control officials tried to use tranquilizers with no success. In the end, officials shot the cow who’s name has been reported to be Breanna by the Star Tribune. The cow’s owner, who’s not been named, will donate the meat to a charity. I can only imagine the drama there must have been in the streets of St. Paul as attempts were made to capture the cow. It sure made for an interesting story since this is not something you hear or read about very often.   Photo courtesy of: Marc Dalmulder  

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